THANK YOU to everyone for your support, input and ideas during the recent campaign and election for Regional Director for RDN Area A!

My intention is to continue to use this web space for development of community initiatives.

Mind you – I do have to learn much more about web page development – as many of you have mentioned to me!    So keep your eyes open for the development of an interactive section.  And you still have access to my email at

Changes & Solutions

Our Swimming Area by the Cedar Bridge

.I’ve spoken with a number of people and hearing their concerns regarding what is oging to happen with this property.  Members of our community have spent great effort and time communicating with MoTI, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Federal Fisheries, RCMP and the RDN.  We have been assured that MoTI is set to take action this week (October 21, 2018).

I would suggest we need to take it a step further and suggest to the RDN and our Area A Director that this property needs to become a Regional Park.  We have lost access to the private property that we have used for decades as a swimming location (Northeast side of the Cedar Bridge).   Our new community swimming hole can easily be the old San Salvador site, that used to have a lot of lawn space for blankets and relaxing and a nice sandy area to easily access the river.  I would suggest that strong fences and gates would still need to be erected at the top of the hill, and there is ample parking space at the top.



Our Community Priorities



Most of us are using social media in one form or another.  We will hopefully be able to use this to our communication and collaborative advantage.

Toward enhancing our communication I have a Facebook page and Twitter IDs that we can use to enhance our problem solving.

You may reach Sharon at:,

Community Changes @AreaASolutions, or

Community Changes @OurCommunityNow, or

Facebook at Sharon Thomson Community Changes Solutions.